July 3, 2008

Pioneer Woman

My boys have decided to camp out in the backyard tonight. You can read about their big plans over at my other blog. Suffice to say, they appear to be having a ball.

Part of their plan was to build a fire pit using some old bricks. Once they had a fire going, they wanted to cook dinner... or should I say breakfast. The only thing I, the lone girl, was allowed to do was to pack a cooler with all the supplies they would need for their cookout.

As luck would have it, the smoke from the fire started to irritate my sons eyes. With no trusty sidekick to help out, the hubby asked me to lend a hand with the evening meal. Oh, how good it is to be needed!

Their menu was as follows:

crisp bacon

scrambled eggs with loads of melted cheddar cheese

and pancakes with fresh maple syrup

... all cooked over an open flame. Mmmm.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sounds like some of my favorite food.
all in one pan too.
= )