I am a stay-at-home Mom from Nashville, Tennessee. The hubby and I have been happily married for 18 years. We have a feisty nine-year-old boy whom we adore. Did I mention that he has fiery red hair? We also have a dog named Brick, a.k.a. "the beast." 

The hubby and I hail from the great state of Colorado. On a whim, we packed up and moved to Nashville 16 years ago and have never looked back. This blog was originally created to keep our family updated on all the thrilling things going on here in the South. For some crazy reason, other people have taken an interest as well. 

A little more about me... I love God, crisp cool weather, drinking coffee, tulips, the mountains, cooking, sleeping late, going barefoot, blueberry pie, reading, exploring new places, bonfires, Christmas music, anything crafty, the smell of fresh cut grass, crusty bread, the first snow, going on walks, laughing and being with friends... 

Welcome to my world.