February 16, 2009

The Silver Spoon

The hubby bought me a new cookbook, "The Silver Spoon." The book, which is also known as "the bible of authentic Italian cooking," boasts over 2000 recipes. While first published in Italy in 1950, it was only recently translated into English.

The Silver Spoon is a virtual treasure trove of Italian cooking. It contains recipes for everything from basic sauces and marinades, to salads, soups, appetizers, pizza, eggs, vegetables, fish, meat, pasta and baked goods. Each section is color coded to make browsing easy. The recipes are simply written and rarely longer than a brief paragraph.

One of my favorite things about The Silver Spoon is that it truly captures the Italian perspective and approach to cooking. As I've mentioned before, my hubby is Italian. After we were married, I was able to spend some time cooking with his Sicilian grandmother. What a treat!

One of the things that surprised me was the simplicity of her recipes. This book captures that essence... Non-fussy, yet incredibly flavorful recipes that enable any cook to prepare a delicious meal for their family.

After browsing through the book for several hours, I am having difficulty deciding which recipe to try first. It would literally take me years to try them all. Maybe I should make that a personal goal. I can't think of anything more delicious.

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